Retail Products

Our famous Golden Barrel line has been the brand name for Good Food, Inc. products since 1980. Better Bakers prefer Golden Barrel Baking Products
The retail size products range from dry mixes such as shoo-fly pie mix and funnel cake mix to molasses and cooking oils as well as specialty oils used for soapmaking. The original Zook Molasses Company motto of "service with the best quality molasses" is a key ingredient in keeping the sweet taste of tradition alive today. We invite you to begin your own sweet traditions---with Golden Barrel Baking Products.

Mrs. Schlorer's logo

In 1907, Amelia Schlorer produced the first commercial mayonnaise by selling it in glass jelly jars with typewritten labels in a Philadelphia department store. The mayonnaise became an instant success with customers and eventually lead to the Schlorer Delicatessan Company. The company produced commercial salad dressings as well as mayonnaise and other products establishing the Mrs. Schlorer's brand name as a popular custom for many family recipes.

Over 100 years later, Good Food, Inc. is carrying on that custom by offering Mrs. Schlorer's Turkey Golden Table Syrup and Mrs. Schlorer's Ham Glaze.

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